What is SwagArch GNU/Linux ?

  • SwagArch is a beautiful and easy to use Arch Linux based Distribution.
  • SwagArch comes with the stable, light and configurable Xfce desktop environment.
  • The official repositories from Arch Linux are used.
  • Workflow and Efficiency optimized.
  • Remixed with archiso.

The Calamares Installer (easy to use!)

Calamares Installer Inside

A beautiful and clean Xfce4 Desktop

Xfce4 Inside

Press F12 to be a Hero

(DropDown Terminal)

DropDown Terminal Inside

SwagArch GNU/Linux 18.12

Change Log:

  • [BugFix] liveuser is available installation
  • Titlebar-less Firefox
  • Package Updates


ISO Image
ISO Signature
Torrent file
Build Date 2018-12-03

Verify signature

gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys 4CD3DCB3EC5D6021
gpg --verify swagarch-1812_x86_64.iso.sig swagarch-1812_x86_64.iso

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